Use your creative power for the new in-store channel.

Plaxxt is the app for the Internet of Places. App users can digitally interact with shops, malls, cafés, museums, bus stations and other places to get instant and intelligent information and enjoy awesome value added services on the place’s Plaxxt Page. Simple Plaxxt Pages can be designed by customers themselves but if sophisticated design and complex functionality is needed, they will need your developer skills!

Design an awesome Plaxxt Page for your customers. A Plaxxt Page is written in HTML+JS+CSS and works seamless with the Plaxxt app. With the customer’s corporate design it feels and looks like a native app. Add Plaxxt to your creative portfolio and start earning money today.

Make your ideas happen with technologies you love.

We use Bluetooth beacons for location detection. The app takes care of all geofencing related stuff and automatically shows the associated Plaxxt Page. You design the Plaxxt Page similarly to a homepage and you’ve got access to many predefined JavaScript-functions. For example, you can read raw beacons signals, send API requests or read smartphone sensors.

The future is today.

Help us make the dream of Internet of Places for everyone come true. Location based services available everywhere - this is the goal.

How you earn money with Plaxxt.

Service fee

Creating a Plaxxt Page is a service which is similar to developing a website. Your customers pay you for this service at your own hourly rate.

Conceive usage scenarios. How can the customer make full use of beacons technology and the possibilities of Plaxxt?
Design and develop the Plaxxt Page
Promote the Plaxxt Page with printed media and in social networks
Install beacons
Extend the Plaxxt Page with new features if needed

+10% commission

Additionally, you receive 10% of the subscription price for each premium customer you acquired - for the contract lifetime.

This way, you are a stakeholder in the success of Plaxxt and you increase your revenue when we do.

After registration we will assign you your personal developer code. If a business customer enters this code during his or her own registration process, you will receive a commission for this customer, year after year.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for using Plaxxt?
No. Developers and media agencies do not have to pay any license fees for Plaxxt and their accounts are free as well.
Are there any guidelines on how much business customers should pay me for creating their Plaxxt Page?
No. This depends primarily on supply and demand. You can choose your prices freely.
Which software and hardware requirements do I have to fulfill?
In terms of software you need only a browser and your favorite graphics program. To test your work in real conditions you will need a smartphone and, of course, beacons. Beacons will be normally purchased by your customer and made available to you. Alternatively you can order your own development beacons and switch them conveniently between customer accounts.
Which skills do I need?
You have to be familiar with HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. The Plaxxt SDK is based on AngularJS. Even if you are not very experienced with Angular, don’t worry - we have a great docs and many code examples for you.
How do I get access to the documentation?
All docs will be available in your personal developer account.
How does the cooperation between me, my customer and Plaxxt looks like in practice?
Your customer registers his/her Plaxxt account first. Then he/she will invite you to your team. After this, you can log in to his/her account and develop the Plaxxt Page there. If you want to work in a team, you can add more developers to your account.
How does the commission model work?
After signing up you will receive a six-figure developer code. You can look it up any time in your profile settings. If a customer enters this code during his/her registration, he/she will be marked as “acquired by you”.
How often is the commission paid out?
Every 12 months after the customer’s first payment. Each new customer begins a new commission year.
Does the payment period matter for the amount of commission?
No. You receive always 10% of the yearly price.
Do additionally booked services flow in my commission?
Yes, of course.
What happens if the customer’s plan changes or is terminated?
In the case of any changes to the plan we will calculate your commission proportionally for the current commission year.
How is the commission paid out?
We will inform you at the right time and ask you about your bank account number or a PayPal account.
Can I see my account balance?
Yes. In your profile you can view all pending and booked commissions.
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