Superpowers for your business.

Plaxxt is a universal, smart and social-enabled solution for Location Based Services. Enhance your business now - with 3 simple steps.

Why Location Based Services?

What drives us to build Plaxxt? We deeply believe that local retailers are extremely important. Your favorite bakery where you accidentally meet your neighbours. The supermarket where you want to buy products only of the highest quality. All the small cafés and book stores which make the aura of city centers. We want to give regional businesses superpowers and make them fit for the digital era.

Why is that e-commerce is so successful? It’s how simple it is to find, compare and pay things. Everything is linked together and people get recommendations about products and product variants.

The solution is to make your brick-and-mortar business more digital and smarter by offering location based services. In this way you can transfer all the possibilities of online shopping into the real world while keeping the advantages of a classical retailer.


Are there sneakers offered in this shoe store? Are there still some in my size available? - a sales employee must be asked. Which wine tastes best with meat loaf? - an online search might answer it. Which products are discounted today? - a leaflet must be found and flicked through. Thanks to location based information your customer can save time searching for information. Everything he or she needs at any specific point of time will just appear on his or her smartphone.

Inform about events in restaurants and cafés with beacons
Personalized product guidance with Plaxxt

Increase your revenue by suggesting products which can be combined together or products your customer might need. The famous “people who bought X, bought also Y” can now be transfered into brick-and-mortal retail.

Thanks to location based services your customer can interact with your brick-and-mortar business as if it were an online shop or an app. For example, allow your customers to scan the product barcodes by themselves - this will make the waiting lines shorter and the check out faster. Let your customers create wish lists with products from your supermarket. Organize an interactive game with hidden items in your store.

Paper stamp cards or voucher booklets - that was yesterday. And plastic customer cards lead eventually to an overflowing wallet - or they’re forgotten at home. The smartphone is a perfect tool to digitize your loyalty programmes. It’s not only modern and convenient but it has also advantages for you: you can control and analyse all important key figures easily.

The visual perception of advertisement decreases constantly due to everyday’s overstimulation. But everyone pays attention to his or her smartphone. Reap this benefit and send a push notification to all smartphone users nearby.

Successful businesspeople have understood: customer feedback is invaluable. When using location based services, your customer can give you feedback with a tap, whether it be their overall satisfaction or an opinion about a new fashion collection.

Gain deep insights into the user behavior of your customers. Thanks to high-end evaluation algorithms we are able to make conclusions about interests and preferences of your users. Make a rocket start into personalized advertisement.

Why one app for all places?

Information is the most precious good nowadays. We are convinced, that everyone needs unlimited and, most importantly, quick access to information. The time of numerous retailer apps is over - various researches prove that. People want bundled, relevant information. Plaxxt makes it possible to everyone to access location based content - without a dedicated app.

percentage of in-store shoppers who have a retailer’s mobile phone app installed
Source: LinkedIn
percentage of shoppers who whish an app for location based services, which combines contents of multiple retailers
Source: Plaxxt Market Research
percentage of smartphone users who download not more than 1 app per month on average
Source: comScore MobiLens

And here are your benefits:

Access to the whole user base
No matter where and why someone downloaded Plaxxt - you can immediately push contents to this smartphone.
No development cost
With Plaxxt you don’t have to develop and maintain an expensive app with location based features. We take care of this, so you can concentrate on high-quality content and your operative business.
Access to advanced technology
Location based services require much know-how about usability, efficiency, security and hardware management. This know-how is included in Plaxxt.

Deep learning: his story, her story

Each individual has a story which makes him or her to what he or she is. Plaxxt links locations and people in a unique way using Artificial Intelligence. It learns autonomously, what our users need and want. You, the content provider, can read this individual analysis and personalize your offers precisely.

What trills this particular customer? What does he or she prefer?
Which content and which areas in your store were paid most attention to?
Time spent
Where do your customers spend most time and what can you conclude?

Social-enabled locations

Ann has found a nice dress in an online shop - and sent a link immediately to her best friend. The online shop has possibly gained a new customer this way. Plaxxt equips real locations with social interactions which have been only possible online so far. For example, a supermarket can now be a place where you meet new friends - or a place where you go because a friend has posted a product recommendation on Facebook - standing directly in front of the supermarket shelf.

How it works

Deploy beacons

Beacons are small bluetooth senders. They run several years with a built-in battery. Thanks to the self-adhesive back side they can be affixed everywhere with ease. Their range is about 65 ft indoor and about 230 ft outdoor. Along with your starter kit you receive beacons from us. You can order more if required. Our beacons are pre-configured and instantly ready to use.

Add contents and services with a few clicks

Drag all elements you wish onto the live preview, fill them with texts and images - and that’s it. Your Plaxxt Page can now be accessed publicly. Even complex elements like coupon systems, stamp cards or galeries can be created that easily.

... or order a Plaxxt Page from your media agency

You already work with a professional web designer? If so, order your Plaxxt Page. Plaxxt offers even more tools for software professionals to implement your own corporate design and business logic.

Promote your Plaxxt Page

The beacons have arrived, the Plaxxt Page is ready? Everyone should get to know that! Inform those who haven’t installed the app yet by using posters, stickers or table diplays - whatever fits best. We have some ideas and templates for you!

Frequently asked questions

Can I try Plaxxt for free?
Yes. Except for a one-time installation fee you can use our Free account and try out Plaxxt without obligations - as long as you wish.
What happens when my paid account expires?
We will send you an email reminder before this happens. If you don’t extend or upgrade your account anyway, your beacons will stop broadcasting your content and we will not collect any further statistics. Due to technological reasons we cannot offer any downgrading options at this point of time.
Does Plaxxt integrate well in the existing infrastructure of my company?
Yes. You can access any endpoints over the Internet. For example, your media agency can read your newest offers from your CMS and display them on the Plaxxt Page.
How many beacons do I need?
The indoor range of beacons is about 65 ft. You need enough beacons to cover the whole area, on each floor. If the space is irregularly formed, contorted or has many metal elements, you will probably need more. Additionally, we recommend you to place one outside beacon at each entrance to optimally reach passers-by.

That’s what the founders say

Plaxxt is a varied tool for shop owners, managers and marketers. Even without technical skills you can use the app to reach your customer directly on their smartphones. And all this without putting a dent in the company’s finances. Barth Zalewski, CEO, inventor of Plaxxt
Plaxxt fills an elementary gap - it connects real world with digital, context-sensitive and intelligent content. It’s a natural step in the digitalization of the world. Sascha Weber, CEO / CFO
Sophisticated websites and brochures are used to provide customers with decisive purchase arguments in the distance. But personal consultancy at the point of sales is mostly too expensive and time-consuming. Plaxxt offers you the possibility to let your products speek for themselves – active, attractive, in the right place. Stefan Vogt, CTO
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