About us

Plaxxt is the gateway to the Internet of Places for anyone. Provide location based services and use them easily.

Barth Zalewski
The inventor of Plaxxt. He is software developer, dreamer and perfectionist. He loves traveling, Asian food and jazz music.
Dr. Sascha Weber
Sascha is scientist and entrepreneur with more than 11 years of experience as CEO. Sascha has a knack for technical subtleties - he wrote an algorithm for 3D measurement of gaze position and accompanies the development of our Android app. In his free time he does paragliding. “When I fly, I feel absolutely free and I’m in harmony with nature”, he says. And he aims really high too, when talking about Plaxxt.
Stefan Vogt
The visionary. Stefan combines the right mix of big thinking and management capabilities. He is passionately dedicated to usable design and is a valuable team player. His diverse interests give him his daily inspiration.
Our partners
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