Unser Datenschutz-Versprechen

In order to bring you the best user experience, we ask you for some details about yourself, your interests and your health. We know how important privacy is to you - and we promise you the following:

  1. We never share your data with our business customers

    Before our business customer, for example a local supermarket, receives data required to provide your personalized content, we anonymize it. In this way it is virtually impossible to assign your personal details to your person.

  2. We never sell individual user data to third party companies

    This should be taken for granted - never ever will your personal data be sold or otherwise made available to anyone outside from Plaxxt. If we publish some statistics, they’re calculated as average values over a given population and completely anonymized.

  3. We do everything to protect your data from being abused

    Our servers are located in Germany and are maintained by 1&1 - one of the leading hosting providers in our beautiful country.

Get more detailed information in our Privacy Policy for App Users.

How we use your data

Dein Vorname oder Spitzname

We’d love to know how to address you! Also, our business customers can programmatically read this information so they can address you properly as well!

Deine E-Mail

We use this as your login and to communicate with you - but only if something really important happens. We never spam you! Our business customers cannot read this information.

Your Facebook ID

If you sign in using Facebook, we use your Facebook ID only to validate your account and to fetch your public profile information, like age or gender, in order to make your registration process more convenient.

Dein Alter und Geburtsjahr

You have to agree that an 20-years-old guy is most probably not interested in buying a nail polish, and a 50-years-old lady is not much likely keen on a pimped Harley Davidson (even though there are such ladies, for sure!). In order to provide you content which is really relevant for you, we simply have to ask you for this basic information! Additionally: it can happen, that you receive a birthday gift ;)

Your interests, food taste and allergies

Our business customers can read this information and show you matching products and services. Remember: this is always anonymized!

Your handicaps

This data (e.g. mobility handicap or visual impairment) is never used for commercial purposes. It can affect the way how we present you the content and how we calculate indoor navigation paths.

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