One app, all places.

Get rid of too many apps! Download Plaxxt and receive easily information about your current location. Experience the latest offers of the day, creative ideas, exciting vouchers, interactive directions and other location based services.

Plaxxed locations are marked with our logo.

How it works

Install Plaxxt on your smartphone
Install Plaxxt on your smartphone
Activate Bluetooth
Activate Bluetooth
Plaxxt informs you automatically about location based services
Plaxxt informs you automatically about location based services

Plaxxt connects you with places you visit

With Plaxxt you can interactively discover brick-and-mortar places. As soon as you enter an interactive location, you automatically receive all important information and possible functions via the Plaxxt app. Leave the location and everything just disappears!

Useful services when you need them

You get the newest offers, discounts, information about places of interest, public transport schedules and more, based on your current location. No searching, no further apps.

Vouchers, exclusive offers and digital stampcards.

With Plaxxt you get access to loyalty programmes and new customer offers at participating locations. Replace your paper stamp cards with Plaxxt. Easy to use and always in your pocket.

Indoor directions - navigate in buildings

Plaxxt makes navigating indoor possible, even with no GPS signal present. That way you can, for example, quickly find products in the supermarket.

Beacon based services in public transportation

Frequently asked questions

Which devices are compatible?
Plaxxt works on all devices with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with Android 4.3 or newer and iOS 9 or newer.
Which effect does Plaxxt have on my battery consumption?
Plaxxt is thrifty in terms of energy usage. Compared to classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) requires only a fraction of the energy.
How big is the data which is downloaded from the Internet?
Typically, not more than a picture (200 - 300 kB) which you open using WhatsApp or Instagram. Additionally, the app doesn’t download the contents each time. Rather, it checks if the content has got updated since your last visit. Of course you can decide if the app downloads the newest information automatically or only on demand. In this way we reduce the download size and minimize your data usage.
Are there any security risks resulting from permanently activated Bluetooth?
No. Your smartphone is visible to other devices only if you explicitly allow it to. Turning Bluetooth on alone does not allow anyone to connect to your smartphone.
What about my privacy?
Since we do not use GPS tracking, we do not follow every move you make. Your smartphone reacts to Buetooth signals which are sent by special sensors installed at different locations. When you use the app we collect some anonymous usage statistics to provide a high quality service to our users.
Do I receive many push notifications after installing the app?
You receive a push notification only when your Bluetooth is on and you enter a participating location. In this way you need only one tap to discover digital location based features. However, you can deactivate the push notifications completely or just for individual places.
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